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ServiceNow for CSS HR/APS Staff Hiring is Live!

Updated September 15, 2017

The latest CSS HR/APS ServiceNow release went live on August 24! Campus will now make HR service requests for Staff Recruitment, Staff Extension, Staff Waiver of Recruitment, Staff Mass Hiring, and Classification and Reclassification utilizing new online forms in ServiceNow.

It’s easy to start the hiring or classification process – simply answer a few required questions in ServiceNow and submit the form. Additional information or needed documents will be added later in consultation with an HR Partner. Of course, those with information at their fingertips and/or some HR experience can complete the additional questions and attach documents immediately so we can start working on your request more quickly. CSS HR Partners are ready to further assist clients throughout the process, and CSS Service Directors are also available for support, as needed

We appreciate the input gained from Campus partners over the past six months that helped create a more user-friendly experience. This resulted in a simple three-step process:

  1. Open a ServiceNow ticket and answer a few basic questions
  2. Move through the approval process (no approvals for Classification or Reclassification)
  3. Consult with an HR Partner on additional details and documents needed

In addition to the advantages of moving these HR forms online and automating processes in ServiceNow, clients will experience having all information connected to a request in one place, greater visibility into the status, increased efficiency due to standardized processes, and more accountability in the hiring process. In fact, in a recent demonstration of the online forms, 70% of clients agreed that submitting a ticket in ServiceNow had benefits for them!

For a concise summary of this new release, please click this link: Campus Overview: Staff Hiring – ServiceNow for HR/APS. Additional resources and job aids are available here by clicking on the bright pink “Staff Hiring” icon. We look forward to serving you!

Scheduled Maintenance for Many Enterprise Systems on 8/18/17

August 10, 2017

CSS has learned that scheduled maintenance work (1-day) for many enterprise systems, like HCM, BFS, BearBuy, the Travel & Entertainment (T&E) system, as well as the Blu Portal, will occur on Friday, August 18th. Because these systems will be unavailable that day, there will be some impacts to services that CSS provides the campus:

  • Separations and Funding Change requests in ServiceNow: As HCM is integrated  with these request types, you’ll be able to submit these ServiceNow tickets when the system is back online on August 19th. (Or, you can submit them prior to 8/18 but please know that CSS too, will not have access to HCM until it’s back online.)
  • BearBuy: Because campus purchasing requests and voucher payments/approvals will be unavailable, this will slightly delay regular processing time. If you have any critical, time-sensitive purchasing transactions, please contact your respective B&S supervisor.
  • BFS: Access to  financial journals, budget uploads, closeouts, and chartfield validations will also be unavailable. CSS’ ability to process financial transactions will be briefly postponed until the system is back online.
  • T&E: As CSS will not have access to the T&E system, this will have a similar effect to processing time. CSS will ensure that the processing of of T&E transactions resumes once the system is back online.

Related outage messages and details appear on the Blu home page, the Information Systems & Technology Service Status page, Berkeley Jobs, and the Berkeley Human Resources Systems page.

We also learned there will be additional scheduled maintenance days on Nov. 17, 2017, Feb. 9, 2018 and May 11, 2018. Look for more information on our CSS home page closer to those dates.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any specific questions, you may contact your respective CSS HR Partner or CSS Business & Financial Services (B&FS) supervisor.

Don’t know who your key CSS contacts are? Find your department name in the FIND YOUR UNIT PROFILE PAGE in the far-left panel on the homepage of the CSS website.

VCR Museums & Field Stations Units

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The Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) Museums & Field Stations Units receives Budget & Finance, Business & Financial Services (B&FS), Human Resources (HR), Research Administration (RA), and Information Technology (IT) support from Campus Shared Services (CSS).

John Kaso is the CSS Service Director for  VCR and is responsible for integration across all CSS service areas and overall service quality. If you have any questions about CSS, you may contact John at:, or 510-664-4128. You may also contact the supervisors or managers listed on the main VC for Research Unit Profile Page.

The VC Research Museums & Field Stations Units consist of the units shown below:

Berkeley Natural History Museums:

  • Essig Museum of Entomology
  • Human Evolution Research Center
  • Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
  • Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
  • UC Museum of Paleontology
  • UC Botanical Garden
  • University & Jepson Herbaria

Berkeley Field Stations:

  • Angelo Coastal Range Reserve
  • Blue Oak Ranch Reserve
  • Central Sierra Field Research Stations:
    • Chickering American River Reserve
    • Central Sierra Snow Laboratory
    • North Fork Association Lands
    • Onion Creek Experimental Watershed
    • Sagehen Creek Field Station
  • Field Station for Behavior, Ecology and Reproduction
  • Gump South Pacific Research Station
  • Hans Jenny Pygmy Forest Reserve
  • Hastings Natural History Reservation

VCR Organized Research Units (ORUs)

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The Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) Organized Research Units (ORUs) receives Budget & Finance, Business & Financial Services (B&FS), Human Resources (HR), Research Administration (RA), and Information Technology (IT) support from Campus Shared Services (CSS).

John Kaso is the CSS Service Director for  VCR and is responsible for integration across all CSS service areas and overall service quality. If you have any questions about CSS, you may contact John at:, or 510-664-4128. You may also contact the supervisors or managers listed on the main VC for Research Unit Profile Page.

The VC Research Organized Research Units (ORUs) consist of the units shown below:

  • Archaeological Research Facility
  • Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute(s):
    • CA Institute for Energy and the Environment
    • Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center
  • Berkeley Institute for Data Science
  • CA Institute for Quantitative Biosciences
  • Center for African Studies
  • Center for Effective Global Action
  • Center for Environmental Design Research
  • Center for Information Technology
  • Research in the Interest of Society
  • Center for Integrative Planetary Science
  • Center for Latin American Studies
  • Center for Race and Gender
  • Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society
  • Center for Middle Eastern Studies
  • Center for Southeastern Asian Studies
  • Center for the Study of Sexual Culture
  • Donner Lab
  • Energy Biosciences Institute
  • France Berkeley Fund
  • Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
  • Institute for the Study of Societal Issues
  • Institute of Eastern Asian Studies
  • Institute of European Studies
  • Institute of Governmental Studies
  • Institute of Human Development:
    • Center for Child Youth Policy
  • Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
  • Institute for International Studies
  • Institute for Personality & Social Research
  • Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
  • Institute of Transportation Studies
  • Institute of Urban & Regional Development
  • Kavli Energy Nanoscience Institute
  • Miller Institute for Basic Research
  • Radio Astronomy Laboratory
  • Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing
  • Skydeck
  • Space Sciences Laboratory
  • Stem Cell Center
  • Theoretical Astrophysics Center
  • Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute
  • UC Transportation Center


VCR Administrative Units

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The Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) Administrative Units receives Budget & Finance, Business & Financial Services (B&FS), Human Resources (HR), Research Administration (RA), and Information Technology (IT) support from Campus Shared Services (CSS).

John Kaso is the CSS Service Director for  VCR and is responsible for integration across all CSS service areas and overall service quality. If you have any questions about CSS, you may contact John at:, or 510-664-4128. You may also contact the supervisors or managers listed on the main VC for Research Unit Profile Page.

The VC Research Administrative Units consist of the units shown below:

  • Berkeley International Office
  • Berkeley Research Development Office
  • Office of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances:
    • Office of Technology Licensing
    • Industry Alliances Office
  • Office of Laboratory Animal Care
  • Research Administration & Compliance:
    • Sponsored Project Office (SPO)
    • Office of Animal Care & Use
    • Office for the Protection of Human Subjects
  • Visiting Scholar & Postdoc Affairs Program


Changes to B&FS Satellite Support Office at Evans Hall

June 26, 2017

Campus Shared Services (CSS) Business & Financial Services (B&FS) is losing their office space at Evans Hall used for our Satellite Support Office for Travel & Entertainment (T&E) and Procurement (Purchasing) assistance. We’re currently searching for alternative space on campus. As a result, the in-person support at Evans Hall will be suspended effective 6/29/17.

For the convenience of campus customers, there will be a “drop-box” installed on the door outside room 459 (the same location CSS uses for New Hire Onboarding activities) for those that want to drop off their T&E requests. This box will be accessible at all times and B&FS will monitor and pick up all requests that have been dropped off. Please note: the drop box at 40 Giannini Hall continues to be available as an alternative – it’s at cubicle 40-24.

Our B&FS Satellite Support Locations web page will have those details once we have secured a new campus location.





Threatening Fliers on Printers/Fax Machines

Updated May 31, 2017

Several campus departments reported receiving threatening fliers on printers and fax machines over the holiday weekend. The FBI, in conjunction with UCPD, has determined that the threats are not credible.

If you notice unwanted printouts happening in your department, please contact the CSS IT Service Desk (submit online ticket or email as soon as possible to assist in securing your printers and report the security issue to the Information Security and Policy team.

For any continued updates and/or details about how UCPD is collaborating with authorities for these incidents, check out this page on the Technology @Berkeley website.


Now available — the CSS Update for April 2017.

April 21, 2017

The next issue of the “CSS Update,” our communication effort to keep you, our campus partners, informed is now available.

Our goal is that this update provides you the information you need to provide timely feedback and prepare for changes. For more in-depth information, please continue to turn to your CSS Service Director and the supplemental information that is linked to within the document.

Please take our 30-second survey to help us continually improve upon this communication and make it meaningful for you.

Didn’t catch the previous issue in December? You can see it here.

Going the distance

April 5, 2017

Whether on a bike or at work, CSS IT’s Eric Avila always goes the distance. So it was no surprise that when Avila found a problem, he followed it all the way to the finish line. 

Eric Avila

Eric Avila

CSS IT maintains an inventory of standard computers and equipment. To save customers time and effort, orders are handled from start to finish including the BearBuy portion. Avila noticed a pattern of inaccurate ticket information from clients and CSS IT zone technicians that caused a lot of lost time in relaying information.

Puzzled by this persistent problem, Avila turned to the data and concluded that the CSS website was the clear choice to get better details to customers and CSS IT’s own technicians. (The IT pages had few visitors because the information wasn’t clearly outlined.)

Avila researched solutions, and began experimenting with ideas for a product catalog. He had four metrics in mind:

  1. Look and feel
  2. Ease of set up
  3. Sustainability and maintenance
  4. Room to grow

For Avila, testing the various options and learning how to use them was “a fun way to gain new skills.” He also had multiple meetings with his team and other key stakeholders to gather feedback that would improve the end result.

In collaboration with the CSS communications team, the IT Equipment Catalog was launched in January, and soon became one of the top ten places customers look for information on the CSS website. According to Kyle Pope, Deputy Director, CSS IT, “Eric did a great job of taking information that was unclear to our customers and translating it into English.”

Although he still has more ideas for expanding the catalog, Avila says, “Just launching it was a success, and helping our  campus customers and teams be better informed by providing the resources and education was crossing the finish line.”

For a behind the scenes look at delivery in action, watch this video!

Taking Care of Business

March 30, 2017

Adam Grimaldi

Adam Grimaldi

What would happen if technology at UC Berkeley’s number one rated business school came screeching to a halt? This was at the forefront of CSS Business Technical Analyst, Adam Grimaldi’s mind when he noticed that Haas School of Business would soon run out of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the very thing allowing traffic to flow over their internet.

Grimaldi discovered that there were approximately 2500 IP addresses, all of which needed to be checked manually, and these would soon run out, leaving thousands of faculty, staff, and students without internet connection from the school. He proactively reached out to the Haas Technology Solutions team to solve the problem by switching the static addresses to dynamic ones. His solution also brought  Haas’ IP addressing into alignment with the campus standard.  

Working with the Haas Technology Solutions team and IST Telecom, who provided resources and connections to other campus partners, Grimaldi led the project to completion in six weeks without anyone losing internet connection. This beneficial and transformative work reduced time spent on delays caused by this issue from days to hours. According to Grimaldi, “The project resulted in a dramatic improvement in client relationships. It’s less stressful and much faster.” His supervisor, Lois Wareham, agrees, “The planning, collaboration, preparation, and careful execution resulted in a resounding success. This is such a big win for all teams involved.”

To achieve this, Grimaldi collaborated closely with partners from Haas Technology Solutions, Tony Cricelli, Charles Lam, Robert Lozano, Ramon Soto, and Usha Manandhar in addition to the campus hostmistress, Kellsie Adams, from IST Telecom.

Director IT Enterprise & Research Computing and Deputy CIO, Haas School of Business, Barinder Flanagan says, “Haas Technology Solutions has a very strong partnership with the CSS IT zone teams, and the Service Desk team. As a result, we have accomplished technology improvements that are helping us provide excellent customer service to our clients and making work more efficient for staff on all teams.”  

Kellsie Adams, Adam Grimaldi, Tony Cricelli, Ramon Soto

Kellsie Adams, Adam Grimaldi, Tony Cricelli, Ramon Soto

Photo credit – Celia P. Chu