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CSS Assisting Campus with 2018 Spring/Summer Activities

Updated – March 16, 2018

Continuing to capitalize on the successes in previous years, Campus Shared Services (CSS) is again partnering with several central campus units for many activities and programs that support the Berkeley campus. As we begin to approach late spring and summer, we understand that the campus will need to know more information about them. Here is a snapshot of this work. Check back for any updated news on the CSS website and/or news directly from your colleagues in CSS Human Resources/Academic Personnel Support (HR/APS) or your CSS Service Director. Please note: Some activities may not apply to your unit — if you have questions, contact your CSS HR Partner accordingly.

Over the course of March, April and May, you’ll hear about:

Summer Session Hiring

Partnering with Summer Sessions and Study Abroad (SS)

Not much changed for this year’s processes. On March 6, 2018, campus units/department managers received an initial email directly from Summer Sessions outlining what they need to know for 2018. CSS HR/APS Managers/Partners will also be following up with the applicable campus units they support for any additional questions. On March 15th, in order for teaching positions to have access to bCourses sooner, a follow-up email from Summer Sessions was sent with revised onboarding deadlines for Sessions A and B.

Summer Salary

Partnering with the Academic Personnel Office (APO)

SmartSheets will again be the mechanism used to process Summer Salary for 2018. CSS HR/APS and Research Administration (RA) teams will be partnering with APO to make processes and communications even more succinct and will work closely with departments to ensure they have the support they need with more information likely available in late March/early April.

GSR/ASE Hiring

Partnering with the Graduate Division and the Academic Personnel Office (APO)  

Work is already underway for the 2018-2019 academic year. Many roles may stay the same, though we expect some processes and policies to change based on guidance from APO, Labor Relations, and the Graduate Division. For now, departments should continue to use SmartSheets for their new appointment requests until more details are available.

CSS and the Academic Personnel Office (APO) recently partnered to update the Bridging Guidelines and that information is now available on the GSR/ASE page of the CSS (HR) website.

Fiscal Close

Partnering with the VC for Administration units and the Controller’s Office

This year’s strategy will differ slightly from previous years. While still capitalizing on successes by making the Fiscal Close information more succinct, The Vice Chancellor for Administration (VCA) website will house the applicable deadlines related to VCA departments; CSS included.  Submitting requests to CSS by the deadlines will ensure that they are processed in accordance with campus year-end timelines and guidelines. The Controller’s Office website will continue to feature the usual BFS General Ledger Monthly Close Schedule(s).

STAR Awards Processing

CSS continues to routinely process awards for campus units based on the deadlines featured on the CSS Calendar-Timesheet Deadlines which can be found on the HR/APS section of the CSS website. Processes will remain the same; just submit a “Compensation” ServiceNow ticket and if you’re submitting a group of more than 6 awards, you can use this STAR Award Batch Request spreadsheet. CSS can also assist with award letters/certificates as well as eligibility reviews; contact your respective HR Partner for questions.

New Bridging and Grace Period Guidelines for GSR/ASE Hiring

February 5, 2018

The Academic Personnel Office (APO) and Campus Shared Services (CSS) Human Resources collaborated to clarify the guidelines regarding Bridging and Grace Periods.  With the goal of minimizing the impact of onboarding for our student hires, these guidelines have been reviewed and input gathered from a number of campus units including Central HR, Office of General Counsel (OGC), Graduate Division, Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA), RAs, Budget Office, Controller’s Office, and various department units.  Here are updated, fully vetted guidelines, a list of FAQs, and a quick summary of what is and is not changing.

What is NOT changing:

  • Student employees will continue receive pay on their next available MO pay cycle.

  • In order to keep in compliance with I-9 legal requirements, a new hire should NOT begin working until they successfully complete onboarding.

What IS changing:

  • No more recalculations are required to ensure students are eligible for fee remissions.

  • Employees will be paid via a retroactive pay process for all time worked prior to onboarding in the next available MO cycle payment.

  • The hire date on the I-9 will not drive the appointment start date in HCM.

You will find the complete bridging policy document HERE as well as bridging FAQs HERE.

If you need further assistance, you can contact your CSS HR/APS Service Delivery contact or your CSS HR Generalist.

Heather Archer, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel

Janet Speer, Director, CSS Human Resources and Academic Personnel

Newly added! ServiceNow for HR/APS Training Videos

December 21, 2017

To help campus customers better navigate the Approvals and Staff Hiring processes in ServiceNow, three (3) new training videos have been developed and now available on the Training Resource Library page(s) of the ServiceNow for CSS HR/APS page of the CSS website:

Staff Hiring:

  • Searching for a Hiring Job Title & Code 
  • Searching for a Hiring Department Name 


  •  Managing Approver Delegations

In a partnership between CSS Learning & Development and the CSS ServiceNow Project Team, the topics for these training videos were developed based on feedback and frequent customer questions. Are there other helpful topics that we should consider for future videos? Send a note to Lyle Hendricksen ( and let him know the details.

Another Option for Travel Reimbursement Requests

November 30, 2017

Are you interested in faster turnaround time for travel reimbursements? It’s now possible with the new “direct entry process” that The Controller’s Office began implementing this year for early adopter campus departments to have their travelers enter their reimbursement requests directly into the recently redesigned campus Travel Reimbursement (TRV) system.

The turnaround time is faster and in some cases, can take as little as five (5) business days to be processed, with improved visibility to the status of the reimbursement. If your department** would like to discuss an implementation of this new process, your business office should contact Dan Parnas, Accounts Payable and Travel Operations Manager ( for a demonstration and to discuss next steps. Implementation can occur within a matter of days!

Departments that are successfully using the direct entry process include:

  • College of Chemistry
  • School of Social Welfare
  • Goldman School of Public Policy
  • Summer Sessions/Study Abroad
  • Vice Chancellor for Administration
  • Vice Chancellor for Finance

**Implementation is by department; not an individual opt-in.

Changes to B&FS Satellite Support Offices at Evans/Giannini Halls

Revised/Updated November 13, 2017

Due to the minimal amount of requests received over the past few months at Evans Hall and Giannini Hall, CSS has suspended the Drop-Box Services at both locations. Going forward, please send (hard copy) Travel and Entertainment (T&E) reimbursement requests and all documentation directly to Campus Shared Services via campus mail to:

Campus Shared Services – Travel and Entertainment

1608 Fourth St., Berkeley, CA 94710 – mail code 7600


June 26, 2017

Campus Shared Services (CSS) Business & Financial Services (B&FS) is losing their office space at Evans Hall used for our Satellite Support Office for Travel & Entertainment (T&E) and Procurement (Purchasing) assistance. We’re currently searching for alternative space on campus. As a result, the in-person support at Evans Hall will be suspended effective 6/29/17.

For the convenience of campus customers, there will be a “drop-box” installed on the door outside room 459 (the same location CSS uses for New Hire Onboarding activities) for those that want to drop off their T&E requests. This box will be accessible at all times and B&FS will monitor and pick up all requests that have been dropped off. Please note: the drop box at 40 Giannini Hall continues to be available as an alternative – it’s at cubicle 40-24.

Our B&FS Satellite Support Locations web page will have those details once we have secured a new campus location.

Threatening Fliers on Printers/Fax Machines

Updated May 31, 2017

Several campus departments reported receiving threatening fliers on printers and fax machines over the holiday weekend. The FBI, in conjunction with UCPD, has determined that the threats are not credible.

If you notice unwanted printouts happening in your department, please contact the CSS IT Service Desk (submit online ticket or email as soon as possible to assist in securing your printers and report the security issue to the Information Security and Policy team.

For any continued updates and/or details about how UCPD is collaborating with authorities for these incidents, check out this page on the Technology @Berkeley website.


New IT Equipment Catalog

January 17, 2017

Do you need to order computer equipment or upgrade your existing equipment? CSS IT has just made it easier to view our standard selections. You can check out all of our options in the new IT Equipment catalog!

Once you’ve decided, follow this process to start your order.

June 2016 Metrics

Controller’s Office announces fiscal close deadlines

May 13 2016

This week, the Controller’s Office announced that fiscal close information for FY2015-16 is now available on the web at:

Though this year’s fiscal closing steps and deadlines are similar to those in previous years, we’ve simplified it. For tasks in which Campus Shared Services plays a role (denoted by **), the deadlines listed already have CSS timeframes incorporated; no second set of CSS dates are needed. Please review the information to ensure that all relevant steps are taken according to the schedule. Submitting requests to CSS by the dates listed will ensure that they are processed in accordance with campus year-end timelines and guidelines.

If you have any questions about the fiscal close process, you can contact your CSS Service Director, CSS Human Resources Partner, or your Business & Financial Services manager or supervisor.

What you need to know about the BFS cyberattack

March 2, 2016

  • On Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 the campus announced that it is mailing notification letters to about 80,000 current and former students, employees, and vendors about a cyberattack on a UC Berkeley system that stored their Social Security numbers and/or bank account numbers.

  • Those impacted would have received a payment from UC Berkeley as a student, employee, or vendor estimated between the time period of 2004 through 2015. Most were non-salary payments.

  • There is no evidence that this sensitive information was actually accessed, used or acquired. Notices are being mailed so that individuals can be alert to signs of any possible misuse of their information.

  • If you are among those potentially impacted, you will receive a letter in the next few days from ID Experts on behalf of UC Berkeley. Each letter has a unique activation code to sign up for free credit monitoring services, insurance information, and other resources.

For more information, please review these FAQs or call toll free at 844-746-4685 (international 503-520-4458).