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Spring Upgrades to ServiceNow for HR/APS

February 24, 2017

Program upgrades are always helpful, and campus clients are sure to feel that way about the new enhancements in place for Funding Changes.

Based directly on client feedback, these “tweaks” include broader notifications on case progress, expanded access to information and better navigation.

Here’s more detail on this latest round of enhancements:

  • Extended notifications – Now, when a Funding Change request has been approved, or a comment or edit made on the case, the submitter, watchers and approvers all receive notifications to stay updated on case progress. (Before only submitters and watchers were notified.)
  • Increased access to case information – Now, there’s a link for submitters and watchers to access case notes previously only available to approvers. (See job aid: Navigating to Approver View Notes)
  • Easier comparison of current and future state chartstrings on EDCs – Now, when considering an Expense Distribution Change (EDC), approvers can easily compare “future state” to current state chartstrings. For easy reference, current state information is displayed in the “Notes” section of the case.
  • Improved navigation – Now, Approvers can review case detail, add comments or attachments in the main case view, then seamlessly navigate back to the “Approver view” to take action. (See job aid: Review-Edit EDC Funding Change Requests)

If you need assistance or have more questions, your CSS Service Director or HR Partner can help you.

Keep in mind there is also a library of ServiceNow job aids and videos available on the CSS HR/APS ServiceNow Resources webpage. We look forward to a better ServiceNow experience together!

New IT Equipment Catalog

January 17, 2017

Do you need to order computer equipment or upgrade your existing equipment? CSS IT has just made it easier to view our standard selections. You can check out all of our options in the new IT Equipment catalog!

Once you’ve decided, follow this process to start your order.

Guiding Campus through Spring/Summer Activities Successes

 November 15, 2016

Campus Shared Services (CSS) had great successes this year, partnering with several central campus units and clients for many activities and programs that support the Berkeley campus. “Feedback from campus is that this was the quietest summer with very few problems or issues and that demonstrates how each and every one of our staff members were engaged in delivering excellent service” says Janet Speer, CSS Human Resources/Academic Personnel Support (HR/APS) Director.

Navigating the various processes, timelines, and compliance guidelines for these activities and programs still presented many complexities, but better collaboration, lessons learned from previous years, feedback from clients about what makes sense (or doesn’t make sense), and the dedicated staff who contributed, made for a much smoother experience this year. Here is a snapshot of these activities and programs and what improvements made the difference:

Summer Session Hiring

In partnership with Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning (SSALL)

More succinct and streamlined communications helped the campus get the information they needed, on-time, and from only one source. Over 400 lecturers, visiting professors, and as needed, Grad Student Instructors (GSI’s) enjoyed a much easier onboarding experience this year.

Summer Salary

In partnership with the Academic Personnel Office (APO)

SmartSheet enhancements, tailored communications for various groups of faculty and PIs, and just-in-time training for our research administrators helped make this year’s process flow more smoothly. Data shows that for this summer salary period, CSS processed almost 2700 requests from over 800 faculty members with an average on-time processing ratio of over 96% for requests received by the due date.

Fiscal Close

In partnership with the Controller’s Office

A much more streamlined communication effort reduced confusion for campus departments about due dates for work that needed to be processed in accordance with campus year-end timing and guidelines. That is to say, only one list of submission dates was published by the Controller’s Office that incorporated CSS dates for those related transactions — thus combining multiple lists presented in prior years.

GSR/ASE Hiring

In partnership with the Graduate Division  

Due to unexpected delays in the launch of the new GSR/ASE eForm within Campus Solutions, CSS continued using the existing SmartSheet process for 2016-17. CSS is already working to deliver enhancements for next year, partnering with the Graduate Division and the Student Information System (SIS) Team on the new eForm process. There will be more information on that project forthcoming.

CSS Shares Change Management Expertise

 September 19, 2016

Higher education continues to look to UC Berkeley as a leader in administrative operations. In partnership with the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) and the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO), Peggy Huston, CSS COO co-delivered a three-day workshop with Sara Reed, Director, UC Davis Shared Services, to an audience of approximately 60 administrative leaders from colleges and universities in the western U.S.

The workshop focused on the many aspects of designing a shared services center and how to successfully implement a sustainable model through effective change management.

Unwanted materials on campus printers

Revised August 26, 2016

Campus IT groups are working to stop unwanted materials from being printed on networked UC Berkeley printers. The materials have originated from individuals on the internet. If you notice unwanted printouts happening in your department, please contact CSS IT as soon as possible to assist in securing your printers and report the security issue to the Information Security and Policy to help with the investigation. Analysis of additional long-term measures to prevent the issue from recurring is underway.


CSS Staff Reflects on Successes Since Implementation

June 8, 2016

Now that a year has passed since the final campus unit transitions were completed (April 2015), some significant milestones have occurred for Berkeley’s transition to shared services. CSS provides services to over 95% of the campus with the goal of delivering quality services to campus in a more effective manner – at a lower cost – than Berkeley’s previous de-centralized model. You can read more facts here.

CSS Improving New Hire Experience with Electronic Onboarding

June 8, 2016

Beginning today, most new UC Berkeley hires will have a much improved experience as they begin their employment. Based on feedback from newly hired employees, Campus Shared Services (CSS) is improving the University onboarding process for most of the campus units they support. Human Resources/Academic Personnel Support (HR/APS) will begin using DocuSign for much of the paperwork; it gives employees and affiliates the ability to complete and sign paperwork online prior to attending the mandatory in-person onboarding session (regulations still require some paperwork to be filled out in person). This means onboarding sessions will be shorter and by completing paperwork ahead of time, new employees will have time to ask more meaningful questions.

New employees who don’t have access to a computer can complete their paperwork online at the CSS HR/APS Satellite Office in Evans Hall or they can be provided the forms in hard-copy. Questions? Ask your CSS HR Partner.

June 2016 Metrics

Controller’s Office announces fiscal close deadlines

May 13 2016

This week, the Controller’s Office announced that fiscal close information for FY2015-16 is now available on the web at:

Though this year’s fiscal closing steps and deadlines are similar to those in previous years, we’ve simplified it. For tasks in which Campus Shared Services plays a role (denoted by **), the deadlines listed already have CSS timeframes incorporated; no second set of CSS dates are needed. Please review the information to ensure that all relevant steps are taken according to the schedule. Submitting requests to CSS by the dates listed will ensure that they are processed in accordance with campus year-end timelines and guidelines.

If you have any questions about the fiscal close process, you can contact your CSS Service Director, CSS Human Resources Partner, or your Business & Financial Services manager or supervisor.

What you need to know about the BFS cyberattack

March 2, 2016

  • On Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 the campus announced that it is mailing notification letters to about 80,000 current and former students, employees, and vendors about a cyberattack on a UC Berkeley system that stored their Social Security numbers and/or bank account numbers.

  • Those impacted would have received a payment from UC Berkeley as a student, employee, or vendor estimated between the time period of 2004 through 2015. Most were non-salary payments.

  • There is no evidence that this sensitive information was actually accessed, used or acquired. Notices are being mailed so that individuals can be alert to signs of any possible misuse of their information.

  • If you are among those potentially impacted, you will receive a letter in the next few days from ID Experts on behalf of UC Berkeley. Each letter has a unique activation code to sign up for free credit monitoring services, insurance information, and other resources.

For more information, please review these FAQs or call toll free at 844-746-4685 (international 503-520-4458).