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Cohort 1.3

Cohort 2.0

Cohort 2.1

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Cohort 3.1

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Reassignment: 3/4/13

Reassignment: 4/15/13

Reassignment: 5/20/13

Reassignment: 7/8/13

Reassignment: 10/7/13

Reassignment: 2/24/14

Reassignment: 4/14/14

Reassignment: 7/28/14

Reassignment: 9/22/14

Reassignment: 12/8/14

Go-Live: 3/7/2013

Go-Live: 4/18/2013

Go-Live: 5/23/2013

Go-Live: 7/11/2013

Go-Live: 10/10/2013

Go-Live: 2/27/2014

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Team 1

Social Welfare

Goldman School of Public Policy

UC Library

School of Journalism

Team 2

College of Environmental Design

College of Engineering

School of Information

COENG Engineering Research (ERSO)

Blum Center


Team 3

University Health Services

School of Public Health

Graduate School of Education

School of Optometry

Environment, Health & Safety

Team 4

L&S Biological Sciences

Center for Race & Gender (EVCP)

L&S Computer Resources (end user device support for AH, MPS, UGIS & SS)

L&S Social Sciences




L&S Social Sciences

-African American Studies



-Ethnic Studies

-Gender & Women's Studies

-Political Science



L&S Deans' Office

L&S Undergraduate Division

College of Natural Resources

L&S Math & Physical Sciences

-Cal Teach



L&S Math & Physical Sciences


-Earth & Planetary


-Berkeley Seismological Lab

Biological Sciences (IB/MCB) Faculty Support

-IT only

L&S Arts & Humanities

-Berkeley Language Center

-Classics & South/Southeast Asian Studies

-Center for New Media & Audio Tech

-Comparative Literature & French


-German, Spanish, Portuguese

-Italian, Scandinavian & slavic


L&S Arts & Humanities

-Art Practice

-Arts Research Center

-Center for Interdisciplinary Research

-East Asian Languages & Cultures

-History of Art


-Near Eastern Studies

-Rhetoric, Film & Media

-Theater, Dance & Performance Studies

-Townsend Center

L&S Social Sciences


College of Chemistry

Team 5

Haas T&E and Purchasing

Haas School of Business




Berkeley Law

Team 6

VC Student Affairs

VC Equity and Inclusion

Athletic Study Center

Student Learning Center

Team 7

Summer, Study Abroad

& Lifelong Learning


Lawrence Hall of Science




Lawrence Hall of Science


Summer, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning


University Extension

VC University Relations

Team 8

Chancellor's Office

Academic Senate

Graduate Division


AVC IST (including ASC)

Exec Vice Chanc & Provost


VC Administration


VC for Real Estate

Vice Provost Faculty

Team 9

VC for Research and RES

*Transition day, if any, to be determined: Lawrence Hall of Science (Research Administration only), Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, and Cal Performances